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Specifically about Contest of Queens

Contest of Queens launched on January 18, 2022, click here for more information.

“This tale is a thought-provoking fantasy novel, a story you can fall into and not come for air for hours. I read it in two days. It was that good. Contest of Queens is one of those gems that needs to be found by more people. Strong world-building, good history, and robust feminist approach to societal economics. I am on the edge of my seat for the next installment in this story.” 

—YA Books Central

“Jordan Bartlett’s debut novel Contest of Queens flips tired fantasy tropes on their head by challenging gendered expectations to allow readers to immerse themselves in a matriarchal world full of adventure. The characters are dynamic and Jacqueline’s development allows her to shine as the true hero of her own novel. This is an important story in today’s world overrun by male voices, and the cliffhanger ending will have all readers begging for book 2.

Nicoletta Romano,
Vancouver, Canada

Contest of Queens is a witty, engaging, thought provoking novel and a must read for all young adults. Set in a realm that challenges the notion of perceived gender roles and sheds light onto societal class inequalities, our brilliant young heroine Jacs perseveres through many challenges in her efforts to bring balance and justice to the Queendom.”

Jesse Bennett,
Vancouver, Canada

“This amazing work is akin to J. K. Rowling’s ability to transport one to a brave and wondrous new world. One which bends the framework of societal norms in a way that peaks constant curiosity. This world felt so good I could not wait to go back every single time I left.

Jordan Bartlett is a masterful creator, asking some of the world’s most poignant questions relating to gender roles, power dynamics, and love and you don’t even realize it is happening because it’s so wonderfully dressed in the  trappings of a fairy tale that steals your heart.”

Jenna Weeks,
New Brunswick, Canada

“I loved this book. Jordan’s writing painted pictures. Her characters were interesting and complex and real . I liked the flow of the plots and how they all interweaved bringing us to an unexpected exciting climax. I look forward to reading the sequel. I think this book will be loved by many readers.”

Karen Bird,
Hamilton, New Zealand

“I loved it- genuinely. I was so addicted, I was reading it whilst walking down the street. Huge congratulations on such a compelling read. I particularly loved the way that you subverted so many gender norms, but without laying it on too thick.”

Annie Hollands- first impressions
London, England

Contest of Queens is smart, witty and extremely compelling. On the one hand it’s an unputdownable read as you find yourself immersed in the world of Jacs, fighting for equality between the Upper and Lower realms. On the other, it is a clever and subtle subversion of our own world, underlining the absurdity of power defined by gender. It’s sort of The Hunger Games meets Noughts and Crosses.”

Annie Hollands,
London, England

“I am in awe of your writing skills and the plot had me riveted since I started yesterday morning! I think the ideas and progression of the plot and tension you created is brilliant. The whole idea of two realms and a Queendom (without banging on the feminist drum) and the love story intertwined with the drama of the contest and the strong characterization of the heroine creates a mesmerizing story.”

Gwenyth Archer- first impressions,
London, England

“Jordan transports the reader into a world of romance and exciting adventures with a heroine who is  inspirational and  heartwarming. I loved every word!”

Gwenyth Archer,