Identity Crises and Magical Ends: an interview with Brandie June

September 2022

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In celebration of the upcoming cover reveal of Queen’s Catacombs, I partnered with Brandie June in this September giveaway!

QUEEN’S CATACOMBS is the epic sequel to CONTEST OF QUEENS. This new fantasy book comes out March 14, 2023. Get ready for this release by entering for a chance to win signed copy of CONTEST OF QUEENS along with a stunning hot air balloon necklace.

When an unsettling event occurs in the Queendom of Frea, Jacs, an inventor’s apprentice from the Lower Realm, participates in the Contest of Queens to prove that a Queendom is strongest when united.

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Author Spotlight with Brandie June

We’re going to need more than faith, trust, and pixie dust to survive the tumultuous Fae Court in Brandie June’s latest: Curse Undone.

Join me in today’s Book Nook as I chat with Brandie about the sequel to Gold Spun, characters in identity crises, love triangles, and closing a series.

Check out my interview with Brandie about GOLD SPUN here.

Pick up a copy of Gold Spun here.
Get a copy of Curse Undone here.

Pick up a copy of Gold Spun here.
Get a copy of Curse Undone here.

Curse Undone

Two crowns. Two kingdoms. One chance to rule.

Nor and King Casper are captured by the fay army and forced to face the indomitable Faerie Queen, Marasina. At her command, Casper is thrown into a mysterious prison while an even sinister fate is in store for Nor—a deadly fay poison that reveals Nor’s true nature. She’s not only half-fay. She is Queen Marasina’s heir.

Revealed to be like the very creatures she despises, Nor must not only find a way to free Casper but also navigate a court that is as deadly as it is beautiful. Her allies are few, and though Pel claims to want friendship, Nor finds she cannot forgive his betrayal. As tensions mount and war looms between the kingdoms, Nor must choose a side, before it’s too late.

In this epic conclusion to the Gold Spun duology, Nor discovers that a glamour and a curse may be two sides of the same coin.

Check our Brandie’s website:
Follow her on instagram: @thebrandiejune
TikTok: @brandiebooks

Travel Log: Highland Dames

Short story long,

I have taken a sabbatical from my day job as a Speech Language Pathologist to live in the UK and finish the Frean Chronicles Trilogy!

  1. Contest of Queens: completed!
  2. Queen’s Catacombs: comes out March 14th next year! (preorder here)
  3. Mysteriously Titled Finale: in progress!

If you’re interested in following along on my travel journey, I recommend following me on Instagram: @jordanhbartlett

I was fortunate enough to spend over a week in the Scottish Highlands in a wee cottage on Little Loch Broom with my cousin (featured looking like a mythical druid in the stone circle). I got a lot of writing done, and a lot of what I am calling research (i.e., adventures with a notebook). Here are some of my favourite pictures.

Contest of Queens Review Corner

Reviews are so helpful in getting word of Contest of Queens out there. If you have time, and if you’ve read the book, I would be eternally grateful if you could leave a star rating and/or a written review on Goodreads or Amazon.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have left a star rating or review.

x live magically


  1. Elena Cothalis says:

    CAN’T WAIT! 🎈 Is there a way to preorder on Audible?


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