Queen’s Catacombs Unleashed

March 2023

April Fools! What an incurable prankster I am, releasing my March Newsletter on the most jocular day of the year. Here’s what you’ll find in this month’s newsletter:

  • Queen’s Catacombs Release
  • Gorgeous Giveaway
  • Travel Log: From New York to New Zealand
  • Review Corner

Queen’s Catacombs Publication Day Celebration

Welcome to the world, Queen’s Catacombs! What a wild adventure it’s been. Writing the sequel to a novel that had been in my head for over a decade was both terrifying and electrifying. I wanted to celebrate its release day with a bang so here’s what I did:

Already it’s been getting some wonderful reviews and I am so thankful for every single reader that has taken the hours to join me in my world. It’s such a surreal and humbling experience!

It’s available where all books, ebooks, and audiobooks are sold but I encourage you to order it through your local bookstore. If you do, jump over to my contact page here and let me know and I’d love to send you some book goodies!

Gorgeous Giveaway

A giveaway fit for a queen…

I’ve partnered with the incredible author Brandie June (see our recent interviews for Gold Spun here, Curse Undone here, and Worldbuilding here) for a Frean Chronicles giveaway! Winner receives a crown of their own as well as a signed copy of either Contest of Queens or Queen’s Catacombs.

Click the image or right here to enter.

Travel Log: New York to New Zealand

Short story long,

I have taken a sabbatical from my day job as a Speech Language Pathologist to live in the UK and finish the Frean Chronicles Trilogy!

  1. Contest of Queens: completed!
  2. Queen’s Catacombs:  completed!
  3. Mysteriously Titled Finale: in progress!

If you’re interested in following along on my travel journey, I recommend following me on Instagram: @jordanhbartlett

New York Minutes

I was fortunate enough to go to three performances while I was there:

  • Sleep No More – you take on the role of “watcher” and wander around a three storey complex filled with various sets and different characters. Deliciously creepy.
  • Chicago – they both reached for the gun, and Jinx stole the show as Mumma.
  • Comedy Cellar – a lot of laughs.

Three VERY different performances, but holy Hera, each one was absolutely amazing.

New Zealand

My trip to New Zealand was a mixed bag of emotions. For any of you who have already read Queen’s Catacombs, you likely noticed the dedication at the front.

I don’t have the words to express how special it was that I was able to say goodbye properly.

The rest of the trip consisted of visiting family and friends as well as adventures including skydiving, mountain biking, wine tasting, and hiking.

Review Corner

Reviews are so helpful in getting word of Contest of Queens and Queen’s Catacombs out there. If you have time, and if you’ve read the book, I would be eternally grateful if you could leave a star rating and/or a written review on Goodreads or Amazon.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have left a star rating or review! Here are some lovely reviews from this past month:

x live magically

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